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Carveco / ArtCam 2018

Henrique Novaes,
Carveco Teacher

CN Training and Consulting

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Henrique Novaes professor artcam 2018

Designer, graduated in systems analysis and development, CAM professor with experience in design and manufacturing, ex technical support for CNC Router tools in the company Code G.

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The course will be available to anyone who purchases the CN Training and Consulting Learning plan. Currently, the course has 17 video classes, and another 19 will be added throughout the year 2021, as well as the contents of the classes (Reliefs, Handouts, Vectors and Images). What are you waiting for? Buy your LIFETIME access to the course by clicking on the button below.

Course with Certificate!

Curso artcam 2018 sobre tábuas de carne e fresas
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"Criativity is the art of connecting ideas" - Steve Jobs

Learn how to work with Carveco or Artcam creatively and objectively.

Course content:

  • 1 Basic level handout about wooden table meats and milling tools;

  • 45 lesson - basic and intermediate level.

  • 45 min video lesson. - advanced level.

  • Vectors and reliefs of  course content.

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Usinagem de Bronze feita com o artcam 2018